Analyses, more precise and efficient operations

FinAPU supports segment and sector analyses, peer group comparisons and the creation of analysis sheets. Graphical representations of balance sheets, developments and comparisons can be individually configured.

Create optimal analysis sheets

  • Analysis sheets in FinAPU allow all relevant variables to be presented together for optimal presentation and management sheets

  • Analysis sheets can be created and updated for all existing annual and interim reports

  • Analysis templates can be defined and archived for personal or shared use

Optimale Analysesheets erstellen

Empowerment in-house potentials

  • The importance of risk analysis has increased significantly in recent years due to credit default-related write-offs

  • Recruiting and retaining junior staff in the field of risk analysis has become a central issue in banks' human resources management

  • The upgrading of risk analysis requires new qualification profiles of employees and is taken into account in the design of the organisational structure.

Empowerment inhouse Potenziale

Precise analyses and modern visualisations

  • FinAPU combines analytical methods for precise risk analyses

  • Modern visualisations help to meet regulatory requirements

  • The comprehensive database enables a detailed preparation of the risk profile

Präzise Analysen und moderne Visualisierungen

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