Limit management, actively limit risks of losses

FinAPU offers a limit management system that helps companies to reduce their loss risks by limiting and monitoring them. The implementation in FinAPU includes an individual limit structure, the determination of limit levels per counterparty, country, currency, financial instrument, client and industry, as well as the development of a reporting structure including an early warning system and staff training. The advantage of the system is the clear reduction and limitation of loss risks across all types of limits as well as the transparency and recognition of cluster risks at all times.

Effective limit management

  • Analysis of customer documents and definition of limit types

  • Individual development of the company-specific limit structure

  • Determination of the limit amount per counterparty, country, currency, financial instrument, client, industry, credit rating level

Effektives Limit-Management

Advantages and benefits

  • Clear reduction and limitation of loss risks

  • Transparency at all times on limit levels, limit utilization, free volume and limit overruns

  • Recognition of cluster risks and audit security through the workflow

Vorteile und  Nutzen

Implementation of limit management

  • Creation of a limit management guideline with regulations and codes of conduct

  • Introduction and practical implementation of limit management in the company

  • Education and training of employees

Umsetzung des Limit-Managements

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