Workflow, new and simple thinking

The workflow in FinAPU captures client-specific processes and is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It allows access regardless of location or time, while automatic reminder functions ensure greater efficiency and security. The solution is easy to use and enables data exchange with adjacent systems.

Workflow automatization

  • Workflow automatisation to improve process management

  • Double-check confirmation as a control mechanism to prevent errors and manipulation

  • Double-check: At least two people are asked to confirm a work process or decision


Customized workflow

  • Adaptation of the workflow to customer-specific requirements

  • Mapping of all processes from the client's risk manual

  • Easy-to-use workflows for mapping all company processes

Kundenspezifischer Workflow

Web-based access

  • Web-based access to workflow from any location and device

  • Integrated authorization system to control access to business workflows

  • Automatic reminder functions for meeting deadlines or delays in processing documents

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