ESG, rating companies sustainably

FinAPU offers ESG ratings for over 10,000 companies worldwide, based on standardised and comparable information. To determine the rating, 450 individual key figures are used, which are updated daily. The ESG rating is presented in twelve levels and can be incorporated into the credit rating and the probability of default. In addition, ESG factors can be incorporated into the probability of default as rating upgrades or downgrades and the portfolio can be analysed for climate-relevant aspects.

Comprehensive data for ESG ratings

  • Over 10,000 companies available worldwide with time series data back to 2002

  • ESG measures go through careful standardisation processes for comparability

  • 450 individual metrics from various ESG categories are used to determine ESG rating

Umfassende Daten für ESG-Ratings

Integration of the ESG ratings into the risk process

  • With FinAPU, the ESG rating can be incorporated into the credit rating and the probability of default

  • Qualitative rating section allows impact of ESG factors on probability of default to be assessed

  • Possibility to adjust rationale with clients to automatically check factors such as minimum rating

Integration des ESG-Ratings in den Risikoprozess

ESG monitoring and analysis

  • Ongoing monitoring for verified negative news and toxic ESG issues in the portfolio

  • Accumulation of ESG data at portfolio level in graphical and tabular form

  • Possibility to generate ratings despite missing ESG data through ESG transfer, sector ratings or allocation to climate-relevant sectors (CPRS)

ESG-Monitoring und -Analyse

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