Effective and efficient risk management

FinAPU is a comprehensive solution for managing and reducing credit risks. The included workflow system is user-friendly and efficient and enables effective handling of processes. FinAPU also offers extensive analysis and visualisation possibilities, as well as ESG ratings & sustainability data and portfolio analyses. Through the limit management system, exposure risks can be limited and monitored in order to achieve a clear mitigation of risks.

Manage and mitigate credit risks

  • FinAPU offers standardised approaches for credit risk management and enables the evaluation of counterparties on the basis of up-to-date data

  • The application is individually configurable and designed to be user-friendly in order to enable an adequate limitation of counterparty risks, an upgrading of risk management and an increase in the efficiency of internal processes

  • The risk classification procedures are adapted to each Basel II segment and consider both quantitative and qualitative criteria

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Kreditrisiken managen und mitigieren

Efficient and user-friendly workflow

  • The workflow in FinAPU is customizable for client-specific processes and designed intuitively

  • Location and time-independent access as well as automatic reminder functions ensure greater efficiency and security

  • Data exchange with adjacent systems is easily possible

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Effizienter und benutzer-freundlicher Workflow

Effective analysis and visualization

  • Comprehensive segment and industry analyses can be carried out

  • Simple creation of peer group comparisons

  • Quick customizing of graphical representations of balance sheets, developments and comparisons

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Effektive Analyse und Visualisierung

ESG ratings and portfolio analysis

  • ESG ratings for 10,000+ companies worldwide based on standardised and comparable information

  • Ratings determined by 450 individual key figures, updated daily

  • ESG rating presented in 12 levels - it can be incorporated into credit rating and probability of default, ESG factors can be considered as rating upgrades or downgrades, portfolio analysis is possible for climate-relevant aspects

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ESG-Ratings und Portfolio-Analyse

Limit management to avoid loss risks

  • Individual limit structure to reduce risk losses

  • Determination of limit levels for each limit type and criterion

  • Reporting structure with early warning system and user training

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Limit-Management zur Vermeidung von Verlust-Risiken

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