FinAPU utilizes S&P Global Market Intelligence data to power credit risk assessments

FinAPU, the leading risk management platform, has announced that it will be leveraging data from S&P Global Market Intelligence to enhance its credit risk assessment solution for clients.

By utilizing S&P Market Intelligence’s fundamentals data, FinAPU is able to create more accurate and comprehensive FinAPU Hardfact ratings, as well as optimize data visualization in the analysis sheet. This collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence underlines FinAPU's commitment to always provide its clients with the best decision-making basis for their risk management.

With access to S&P Global Market Intelligence’s extensive data and analyses, FinAPU clients will benefit from an extensive information database that will enable them to perform validated risk assessments. The platform offers seamless calculation of default risks in portfolios in real time and the ability to implement efficient mitigation processes.

Client benefit: Further optimization of data quality

"We are excited to be utilizing S&P Global Market Intelligence’s data to further advance our quantitative and qualitative business development," says Karl Tasch, Founder & CEO of FinAPU. "We can now provide our clients with an even more valuable overview of their credit risk, helping them to understand their risks even better and manage them more intelligently. As a company, we are consistently continuing our successful development and expanding our platform with top-tier fundamental data."

The intelligent risk management platform of the Vienna-based technology and data company already builds on renowned partners such as Refinitiv (LSEG), A1 Exoscale and Bundesanzeiger and now counts more than 40 companies and institutions worldwide from the financial, energy and fund sectors among its clients.

Risk Management, simplified

The FinAPU risk management platform combines data pooling, risk modelling, process management, analysis and reporting in real time in one front end. It is intuitive, highly customizable to the respective client requirements and is ESG-compliant. The smart platform uses collective intelligence and optimizes itself with each user. The integrated workflow system enables effective, audit-proof risk management.

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